Saturday, October 23

Are You Facing Difficulties?

Sisters, come on in and have a cup of tea and lets talk about Are You Facing Difficulties?

I don't know what your going through right now in your life if its unruly children, problems with your husband, disappointment at work or financial issues. Problems are going to happen in our lives but how one handles it says alot about ones character.

In the book of Obadiah, The Edomites hand some difficulties. Obadiah means "servant or worship." Obadiah is considered a minor prophet. God used him to announce the destruction of Edom because they were sinful and prideful people.

In verse 2, God said he was going to make them [Edom]small. Ouch! I think if God said that to me I would change my way very quickly or would I really? Take a moment and read the book quickly.

God is trying to teach us the following:
1. If you let pride enter your life it can leads to more sin.

2. Sin follows a downward path. First, you become complacent, then you begin to promote sin or evil things and then before you know it then you are participating in evil things.

What are you complacent about?

3. Do not forget that God always keeps his word. His yeahs are yeahs. Obadiah said Edom's judgement would be complete and it was. God will punish sin because he is in control. He will also handle your sin too.

4. No matter what your going through you can not forget that God will protect his own. God loves us and cares for us. Is your faith in your current situation or in God.

5. Don't try to find life in people or things. When you face difficulties that doesn't mean God doesn't love you. Keep your focus on God's promises not on buying things to fill the void.

The difficulties you are facing today is only for a season. God is helping your spiritual development and character. What is your attitude during difficulties? How do you treat others who are going through difficulties? God is trying to develop servants are you one of them?

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  1. I appreciate you advice here -- wise words for troubled times. Thank you for that. And thank you also for your very astute comment on Emily's blog -- I like your advice to try something new, step out of the routine. Sometimes going through the motions isn't nearly enough -- sometimes you really have to shake things up.