Spiritual Refreshment

Hi Sistas,

Come in and join me for a cup of mint tea. Glad
to be back. I'm excited about becoming regular with this blog.

I'm finishing up a book which will be out in the next couple of months. yea! I hope you will read it. Can't tell you the title yet...just in case a few publishers are reading my blog...don't want them to steal my title. This book will be available on lulu.com onces I'm finish.

Yes, I had a bad experience with a small publisher once ...or twice. lol I guess we all live and learn.

I've been really talking to people about Jesus lately. I'm a little upset that many newbies to Christ are running into many mean Chistians who are not encouraging them with their walk. I've met several people this weekend who shared with me how they have been hurt by church members.

We have to do a better job witnessing to others. We have to understand our purpose once we become Christians. I don't think wanted you to get saved and just sit at home and do nothing. Then on Sunday attend church then turn around and eat then go back home.

We have to get up off our duff!!!! What happen to radicals for Christ?
Are they all tired?

I've been surprise by the amount of sisters I've met who are scared to worship in a church. They are scared of not knowing the protocol. Have you ever been to a Christian tea or home bible study? I've been to a few and thought they were awesome.

A Christian tea is fun bible study/praise and worship time where sistas in Christ get together and inspire one another in their walk with the Lord. I know you are familiar with other secular groups, like mommy co-op, support group, etc.

If you would like to start a group of 2-10 women in your area under the Inspiring Sisters banner just email me .I can mail you our package. The cost is $25 a year for your affiliation. You will receive a chapter /affiliate membership certificate, quarterly newsletter and guidelines for conducting a Christian Circle of Friends Chapter. Its a fun way for Christian women to encourage and witness to one anothers.

Someone emailed me and wanted to know what blogs I read. You guys know I'm still a newbie so I'll share the sites I've read at least 2 times this month. I'm not promoting or endorsing their views but

I've read their views:
Christian Women Online (Check out below)
Mommy Matters www.mommy-matters.blogspot.com
Fly Lady www.flylady.net

...Until tomorrow Sisters, Keep me in your prayers that I will continue to inspire others in the kingdom!



  1. Thank you so much for the "honorable mention". I'm blessed to know that I type "not in vain". LOL!

    God bless you sis! I'll be back...:)


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