New Year, New You

Praise the Lord!
Come in my sisters and lets have our last drink of herbal tea together.
Since this is the eve of the New Year 2007.
I want to chat about a new YOU!!!

What will you do to change things in your life? You've been making excuses for years and its time to stop the madness. Time to get your relationships in order. Time to get your Spiritual life in order. Time to get your house in order. Time to get your professional life in order. Time to get your household in order. Time to get your body in order. Time to gt you mind in order. There is no time like the present.
Your running out of time. You keep making excuses. Are you going to be singing the same song when your 70 years old?

I woulda, I shoulda, If only....

If your not SAVED or just a Carnal Christian (one who has accepted Jesus into your heart, but are just trippin acting like you don't know him, doing your own thing). What do you plan to do in 2007 that you didn't do in 2006?


Let's get honest with ourselves before God Almighty.
Webster defines a resolution as a RADICAL Change.

No need to make a long to do list. Just pick one thing to change in your life. Change is a good thing. What is the ONE thing you need to do differently so you can live out your God ordained destiny?

Lets sit down and be realistic with God. You are in a season of wilderness for a reason. You've been doing the same thing unsuccessfully for a reason. Most people aren't honest with themselves. That is why they refuse to bring their burdens to the Lord. Well here is a big revelation...God already know you have a problem; however he is a loving God. He will help you get through and solve any problems you are having. You have to just go to him.

Take time in the next three days and fast and pray. Give your burdens to the Lord. He has said in his word that things can change in our life if we just have faith and believe. What ever your going through. Give it to the Lord in the next 3, 7, or 21 days. He will give you the answers you have been searching for in you life. YOu just have to trust him. Stop doing things your way and start listening to the voice of our Savior.

Please do something different in your LIFE. The Lord is waiting for you to change your SPIRITUAL life. Start 2007 off right.

Hugs and Kisses...Happy NEW YEAR!!! Happy New You!