Are you Ready to be a Great Leader?

Praise the Lord!
Come in my sisters and have a seat so we drink some tea together.
Today we are going to chat about..............CHARACTER.
I love rediscovery Dr.King every year because his life reminds be that the Lord choose people every generation who are extra SPECIAL whose faith helps change the world.

You want to do great and exciting things in your life. You have gotten the skills and education; however, how is your character? When God changed a person in Bible times ha would change their name because it would signal to others that he had indeed changed his character.

Big assignments means that your character has to be straight. Yes those little character flaws...get them together. The Lord wanted to bless all the nations through Abram...but he was too weak. Some people just can't handle certain things. A small character will fail when given a large assisgnment. Its painful to deal with ones character. It way take a very long time.

As you reflect on Martin Luther King, Jr. message and legacy. I want to encourage you examine your life and see how the Lord can change you. He may have a big assignment for you but will you be ready. What can you change so you will be ready for the call.

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