If things are going to CHANGE, its up to you!

Praise the Lord!
Come in my sisters and have a seat so we can drink some tea together.
Today we are going to chat about..............this and that!
I have been on vacation so its nice to be back. I'm trying to finish my book.
I hope everything has been well in your life.

Have you shared your story about your encounter with the Lord? There was a time when churches would encourage Saints to share their testimonies...but many churches have stop letting people share their testimonies.

I've been reading in the word this is wrong because when we share what the Lord has done for us we are not only giving hope but we are letting others know that we can do nothing without the Lord.

Your testimony helps others realize that the Lord is in control and it reminds us that we didn't do certain things by ourselves....Ooops sorry all you NEW WAVE OPRAH THINKERS--you can't just will things in your life...and that positive thinking is nothing with the holy spirit.

I know I'm late, I just heard about the E Harmony lawsuit. I understand that a lesbian sued the company for discriminating against her because they didn't find a woman for her!

Did I get that right?

Is it me or has our culture gone simply crazy.
Can I sue a male department store for not having clothes that fit me as a woman.
Is that discrimination?
I really hate that people are using the discrimination laws that were established to help the wrong that was done to People of Color in America. Pushing acceptance of sexual orientation just doesn't seem to fit. If someone doesn't tell you they are gay you really wouldn't know. If I'm Black, I can't hide that...there is a difference dispite the political views.

I find it very weird that people are running around trying to lobby that I accept their deviant behavior. If you lay with whoever, or whatever, why do you feel you have to share your dirty laundry with the world. Then hate me when I tell you your behavior is wrong and God doesn't accept that lifestyle.

Why are you trying to force me to just accept you and not get upset when you adopt other people children?

EHarmony is a business that caters to joining couples together. If your not interested in male/female relationship then go to another site. Call a spade a spade! EHarmony needs to counter sue for the mental anguish that their employees had to suffer trying to find a lesian match on a Christian site. I would like to encourage every Christian in the world to write this lesbian woman and tell her about Jesus. Lets get real with our evangelism, she is reaching out...lets help the sister.