Are you Unhappy?

Praise the Lord!
Come in my sisters and have a seat so we drink some tea together. Today we are going to chat about..............being unhappy!

I recently spend 7 days with a bitter and unhappy person. I just couldn't understand how the person allowed satan to have such control over their life. The person didn't have any joy and everything throughout the day they found frustrating.

When your angry and sad every minute of the day. You know something is wrong. Don't you?
If you feel that you have to fuss and complain about everything in your life. You have a problem. You have a spiritual problem that must be solved spiritually.

Are you feeling unhappy right now?
Are you always sad?
Are you fussing half the day?
Look in the mirror, does your face have a line going downward all the time (frown)?

When you allow sadness to manifest too long it turns to bitterness and then it just gets worse. What is going on in your life? What event in your life cause you to become so negative. Is your health getting bad--is it a spiritual amtter? The Lord didn't give you the spirit of fear or depression so STOP ALL THE MADNESS in your life.

The Lord is there to bring you peace and happiness. All you have to do is allow the Lord to enter into your heart. There is nothing going on in your life too big for the Lord.

Praise the Lord today for all your blessings no matter how small.
Have a blessed Day!