Attack on Our Daughters?

Praise the Lord!

Come in my Sisters, please have some Green Tea with me. Have you seen the novelty or personality T-shirts above. Some are quite rude...I don't understand all the fuss. If your a Christian Parent its your duty to teach your children how to function in a fallen world.
Just because everyone is wearing something for fashion sake does it mean you have to too?
When my parents said "no," they meant NO. I knew not to dare purchase a shirt my mom said "no" to. I would have to hide it for months or faces the consequence. If my mom would have caught me she would have gotten a pair of scissors and cut the shirt it into pieces.
I didn't think she was mean or that I was abused. I knew not to play with my mother or her words. I really don't understand what have happened to mothers.
The Lord reminds us that we are in the world,but we don't have to adhere to the world systems. Where in the Bible did it say we should be our children's friend.?Does anyone remember hearing "whatever a man believes in his heart he will become." If your child advertise all that ignorant stuff on their chest(heart) and feed their minds with the foolishness then you know they will start to believe it.
When your encourage your daughters to become Sassy as a young girl what type of women do you think she will develop into when she is old? We are here to prepare our children for the future so they will be a blessing to the kingdom, not to add to the head count in HELL.
Please tell me what you think.


  1. Anonymous30.7.07

    I have to agree, Christian children are not keeping themselves different from those in the world.

  2. Like the perspective about the T-shirt. Most of them are bad and you would not want your child to wear that shirt.

    Thanks for your insight.

  3. This reminds me of an amazing conversation on about how to get teenagers to go to church. I'm sorry i can't find the exact link but I know a user named MadMonk even talked about what Kids wear on their T-shirts - they dress with a message.


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