Lets Forgive Isaiah Washington

Praise the Lord!

Come in my sisters and have a seat so we drink some tea together. Today we are going to chat about..............Isaiah Washington.

I don't like to talk about celebs but every time I turn the channel I see this man.
I must admit I never watched the show--and could care less about his "fagot" comments.

You guys know how I feel about the whole homosexual agenda...what you do in your bedroom has nothing to do with me. I'm a Christian and you and I know the Lord is going to deal with you and your lifestyle. If you don't jump around "going on and on about you and your partner" no one would even know who you sleep with. It is unfair and a down right crime for HOMOSEXUALS to DARE compare their issues in society with the STRUGGLES African Americans had to go through. Last time I check I couldn't keep my color in the closet.

I don't know what happened on the set of this show, neither does anyone else. Could they have been lovers? Did someone make a pass at another? No one really knows but something when on between these two guys which seems to be quite personal.

I think Mr. Washington has a bad PR person. He tried to get him to make a joke out the incident and then he tried to get him to appologize everywhere which made the incident just grow negatively.

It always amaze me how everyone wants to here you say "sorry" but then they don't really believe you in their heart. I'm so glad that our Savior Jesus Christ really knows the true meaning of forgiveness. He forgives us despite what others say.