Why are Christians So Weird About Sex?

Praise the Lord!

Come in my sisters and have a seat so we drink some tea together. Today we are going to chat about..............SEX. What are you teaching your TEENS about SEX? If they are 12 years old I hope you have began. I hope your listening to the conversation they are having in their PEER GROUPS.

The world is changing...the end is near. The Enemy has been attacking our CHILDREN from every way. I was surprised recently by some Christian Kids who didn't seem to understand what the Lord says about SEX. Have you explained the basic to your 11 and 12 year old about why certain things are wrong. The Word says the Lord has a problem with porn, fornacation, homosexuality, oral sex, etc.

The Lord wants the best for us. The stuff the world is preaching to us is WRONG a sin. All the bad things we do is called SIN.Explain to children about making good choices and renewing their mind? What is the radio, television and internet telling me about sex and relationship. What is your child feeding their MIND? The way you think causes you to act in certain ways (Romans 7:25).

The first problem is some parents are too weird about even the word SEX! Are you uncomfortable when you talk SEX to your kids? If you are scared then your children will be scared to talk to you and then they will just go to their friends and believe everything they tell them because they speak with confidence--even though WE know they are just talking nonsense.

Traditionally in church history people in church who spoke about sex in the church. Were sinners who did so much immoral stuff that when they became SAVED they just THOUGHT or REASONED that the Lord wanted them to do the opposite--which was a lifestyle of extreme.

Read the writings of Plato, Martin Luther, and Augustine...These leades who influenced many thousands of people. These leaders were anti "sex?" They really miss quoted the WORD of God.

The WORLD tells us to be SEXUAL ANIMALS...have sex with everyone and everything any way we want. THAT'S SIN. So how do we as Christians explain sex to our children in a manner that they won't go around sinning?

The 1st rule is when children ask about sex, explain it to them in an age appropriate manner. Don't get too technical and give too much information. Explain to your child the Lords expectation of Christians. Break down words like fornacation. How does it look and what does it mean? Explain why God says it wrong from a spiritual and physical nature.

Children as young as 5th grade are experimenting in many IMMORAL Acts which just thought of in many generations before. Parents are so busy working and being distracted that they don't realize that the Enemy is steaking into their homes. I couldn't believe the things Christian children were telling be that was going on in their peer groups. Many have been bringing in WORLDY VALUES into the church and are embrassed and depressed. I would like to inform parents that they need to watch those bracelets their children are wearing. The children tell me that some of the clothes they wear mean that they have done certain sexual acts, etc. AS CHRISTIANS we have to protect and inform our children of the tricks of the devil.

You didn't come pass this blog by accident...you've been too busy with your own desires, its time for you to go and talk your children. Find out what is going on in your childs life. Children are a BLESSING from the Lord.