Eddie Murphy, Just another Deadbeat Dad?

Praise the Lord!

Come in my sisters and have a seat.
Lets have some tea and crumpets...and a honey bun.

Today we are going to chat about... Men and Fatherhood.

I'm really sicken by society attitudes towards Fatherhood especially American men of all races. I woke up this morning and heard the news about Eddie Murphy latest paternity issue. So I'm dwelling on him just a little. Men sleeping around and having inside and outside children have been a problem since bible times. Eddie Murphy is just yet another example.

If I could interview him I would like to learn more about his father. He seems quite opposite of his brother and there has been rumors for years about his sexual preference. Research has stated that the father plays an essential role in a boy's normal development as a man.

God cares about the sexual behavior of humans. Romans 13:13 Let us behave decently, as in the daytime, not in orgies and drunkenness, not in sexual immorality and debauchery, not in dissension and jeaousy.

Girls are asked how they are doing in school? Boys are asked how many girlfriends they have? According to society a man is physically strong, has a beautiful woman and looks good with nice things. Substance? That isn't talked about...its even hard to get young boys to read becuase society promotes sports. Bronze not Brains. The rise of fatherlessness has caused the need for Manhood Training in Churches and Community Centers. Everyone is pretending there isn't a problem. While a who generation tries to keep themselves high on drugs and exhibit diviant behavior.

Generation and generation of fatherlessness. The feminist are helping to increase the "girly" boy movement, but women want men to lead, not follow. Mothers make boy and fathers make men. Women are complaining more and more about the number of men who act more like boys than men.

This generation of boys have not seen many emotionally or financially stable fathers. Many were sexually abused by sexual diviants (coaches, family members, excons, other abused children). There has been a rise in drug abuse and in the disorder of homosexuality. If you don't believe this to be a disorder I would like to encourage you to locate and read the 1970's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) its very hard to find on purpose.

We need a national Father of the Year contest to award married men, involved in his community, with a job, who goes to church, doesn't use drugs or liquor, who doesn't commit adultry and doesn't have any hidden children and helps take care of his children. Lets show dads like that on television, not the idiot dad like Homer Simpson.

What will happen to the next generation if we can't get our men to step up to the plate and be godly men? What would happen if women would refuse to sleep with men who weren't tere husband? What would happen if a women said they would no longer get involve with uneducated men with no skills or future? What would happen if women started to disgusted with deadbeat dads and not date them? Let me know what you think.