Michael Vick Finds Jesus

Praise the Lord!
Come in my sisters and have a seat so we can drink some tea together. Today we are going to chat about........Michael Vick.

He is the football player who was involved in dogfighting. I don't think many Americans realized that this is a hobby in many inner city neighborhood. The reality is that everyone doesn't look at their dogs as part of the family. There are some people who look at them as animals lower in the order of mankind to us, humans.

Since this is an illegal activity then he has to do the time for his crime. I am appaud that some want to ban him for life from the NFL. Playing football is the way this man makes money. I don't think as Americans people should be punished twice for their crime.

I was also upset when I heard some people who identified themselves as Christian make fun of the fact that Vick "found Jesus." As a Christian how does one feel they have the authority to judge someones conversion. I understand that Michael Vick use to be a "prideful" spirit. I'm sure this incident was part of the Lords plan. Michael Vick will become a changed man. This incident will cause him to evaluate all the friends in his life. Many people have that problem of not understanding that certain friends are just for a season...they can't make it with you to GLORY.

Who am we to judge someones wilderness experiment? No one know what he is truly sorry for but we should just take it at face value. His eyes seemed sincere at that moment and at that time. He said he wanted to face the consequence for his action.

If you've never had a moment in your life when you didn't know how to shake of negative friends then this incident just seems just far too outrageous for you to comprehend.

I think that was a very grow up move on his part, but I don't think the NFL should punish him for life. Everyone makes mistakes especially when they are young. Its just sad when those perfect Pharisees start judging everyones walk. If Jesus forgave you, as a Christian you have to find it in your heart to also forgive.


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