Can Your Really Call this Deception?

Praise the Lord!
Come in my sisters and have a seat lets drink WATER together.
Today we are going to chat about..............BOTTLE WATER!
What! What a silly topic your thinking?

I'm just one of those weird people who read small prints on food. Ten years ago I read directly on the bottle that the water I was drinking was purified city water. I don't remember the brand but I purchase water for the convience. It was not a big secret. I'm one of those weird people who tend to drink tap where ever I go. I don't understand why some people want to go after the water bottling companies for deception. If you choose not to read something and then start to assume things about it...whose fault is it?

Americans have just gotten snoby about water. A month ago I was in a five star resturant in Orlando and I told the waitress I would like a glass of water. She asked if I wanted to sample the Fuji. I picked up the bottle and read the fine print. I politely said no thank you the tap is fine. She gave me such a look and then turned her nose up at me. I reminded her that the U.S. was still a developed nation and I personally trust our water over a foreign country.

I thought about her when I heard the news. Everyone is so upset that they just found out the truth. The truth shall set you free. Now everyone is upset we all have been drinking dirty water and to make matters worse our elitist attitude has contributed 38 billion in plastic bottles to our landfills which equals to at least $1 billion a year.

I guess that's capitalism.

The bible reminds us that a fool and his money will surely pass. Are you being a goo steward with the Lords money? This week save money on your grocery bill by leaving that case of water on the grocery shelf and take that extra $5 - 10 and put it into your saving account.

Enjoy your week Sisters in Christ. Live in this modern world without being a modern fool.

Your Big Sis~