How are You Helping the Kingdom?

Praise the Lord!
Come in my sisters and have a seat so we can drink some tea together. Today we are going to chat about........the state of Black American and your responsibility.

WHAT are you talking about you ask? One of the things the Lord told us before he left was for us to go out and make discipline. I only have two questions for you: What have you done in the last 5 days to uplift the kingdom? Why?

Many people fuss about the things the church is not doing or what it could be doing? I want to know what have you done lately to tell others about the gooodness of the Lord? At work? In your neighborhood? In your home? If everyone did their part we would see the world change. The problem with many modern, educated, well to do Chritians is that they don't see their purpose in life because they are too busy trying to gain power and influence in the church and they don't have time for kingdom building.

The Lord needs your help in informing the next generation of the goodness of the Lord. The church needs to get out of the physical building of the church and start witnessing to others. This means you have to leave your pride at the door and you probably won't get any acknowledgement for the grunt work of the Lord.

The Lord needs your time and talent.

Our world is getting worse and worse. I the African American community the need is even more great. More and more educated African Americans are becoming affluent and are moving out of the city. The people being left behind need our help. A whole generation of African American children have never stepped inside of a church building. If you think the Lord isn't waiting for your help imagine the following:

-High percentage of African American children in elementary school can't read
-High percentage of African Male children make up Special Education Programs
-African American children are smoking legal and illegal substances
-More African American women are head of households and are leaving their children with strangers or by themselves
-70% of Black Children are born to single mothers (not all are teenagers)
-1/3 of African Americans in the US are homeless
-African Americans make up 12% of the population but half of the prision population (mostly our men)
-50% of African American high school students are dropping out of school
-28% of Black Men will go to prison in their life time (when they get out they have NO skills)
-Black Kids are 6 times more likely to die from Homicide (Mom at work, many have weekend Dads or fathers in prison)

The society is getting very, very mad. What are you going to do this week to make a difference?