Saving Money in a Recession

Praise the Lord!
Come in my sisters and have a seat so we can drink some tea together. Today we are going to chat about........Saving!

Most Americans are not doing well economically. Home foreclosures are at an all-time high; so are gasoline prices. In the past year alone, grocery prices rose 6 percent — that's the most in 18 years — and they're still climbing. Businesses are making widespread employment cutbacks across the country. Many households are in a wilderness season. Here are some tips to help
your family:

1. Make a Budget. Take time to find out where you are wasting money. Try to pay off your bills a little at a time. Avoid high interest rates and late fees.

2. Reduce your Grocery Bills. Shop on the cheap week at the grocery store (never the first of the month). Utilize coupons, buy in bulk with friends, visit farmers markets, join store club programs and shop at Dollar Stores for snacks. Drink tap water and bring your lunch to work.

3. Save on Travel. Drive slowly and plan your schedule so you won't run in circles. Dust off your bike or use public transportation. Don't waste money on high grade gas. Travel on non peak times.

4. Find Discounts. If you travel use AAA or other member clubs to make reservations. Vacation close to home and find coupons. Eliminate all hidden cost on bills like gas, telephone and water.

5. Go Green- Start a garden and recyle. Use those funny looking bulbs and save money in a year. Get Magtag new IQ products which are 12 -23 SEER to save energy and they have a 12 year warranty on labor and parts.

6. Limit Your Shopping. Shop at yard sales, clearance racks, thrift shops and online. You can get really great bargain and web coupons too. Take time to go through your closet and SELL on Ebay.

7. Save For Your Rainy Day: Put something away even if its just $10 a week in a year your child will have more than $500 in a year.

8. Job on the Side. If you need extra cash look for a second job. Make your hobby make you money. You can even start a business online. Sell things in your home you don't need.

Its time for all of us to be better stewards with God's money. Please share your money saving tips.