Are You Blending with Your Family?

Praise the Lord!
Come in my sisters and have a seat so we can drink some tea together. Today we are going to chat about........BLENDED FAMILIES. There are so many "blended" families in the church today who are having difficulties with their assignment of restoring a family unit.

I would like to encourage you to see your current situation as an exciting assignment from the Lord that will impact the world. Just like a teacher doesn't see the fruit of his work until many years later, you may not see the fruit of all your effort until your "step" children are married.

Do you remember in high school or college when your teacher gave you a group assignment. Each person in the group had a role or task to do. The teacher often seem to make the group project something that was slightly difficult. In order to get an "A" everyone in the group had to do their part.

Sometimes there was lots of conflict and struggle with personalities. There is always someone who can't get along with others. There was always someone who wanted to maintain their position. There was always someone who wanted to jump ship and go join their friends in another group.

There is always difference of opinions. The arguments. The attitudes. The stress. Sometimes working with a group takes so much out of you. Just like making a family work it takes lots of time and effort both spiritiually and mentally. You have to stay focus and on task because there is a purpose to all the madness. "Blending" ones family is just like a group project. It can be extremely difficult but you have to get the job done.

You can make your family work because the Lord gives us the desire of our heart. You have to be realistic, things take time--that means months and years but the Lord is allowing you to plant a seed that will impact he next generation. It will not be easy but you can "do all things through Christ." God expects us to support each other in our family.

Men should manage their family well and raise children who respect them (1 Timothy 3:4). A woman should teach others what is good, carry herself modestly and submissively, and train younger women how to love their husbands and children (Titus 2:3-5). Caring for our relatives, especially those who live in our household is of utmost importance (1 Timothy 5:8).

Ladies, the Lord doesn't care about all those great ministries you lead outside your home. Your number one job is to maintain your household. Children should be obedient to and honor their parents, as long as the parents do not ask the children to do anything against God's will (Ephesians 6:1-3). When the children are grown, they have the responsibility to repay their parents by caring for them in their old age (1 Timothy 5:4).The phrase “The best gift you can give your children is to love their mother/father” definitely applies. The only relationship prioritized above marriage should be the one we have with God. When He is the center of a marriage, He will automatically become the center of a family.

Jesus relied on His “stepfather” Joseph for companionship and support. Jesus recognized the need for a support system (Matthew 26:38) and also the need for private time to become spiritually refreshed. The Lord is expecting you to do your part in your family and not give up.