Is Your Marriage Fireproof?

Praise the Lord!

Come in my sisters and have a seat so we can drink some
tea together. Today we are going to chat about........the movie
I finally got to watch it at a couples get together--so you know we had our dose of debate. We were up until after 2:00am discussing the movie. Fireproof is a powerful story. And I do mean powerful. As a writer, I was happy to see a believable Christian movies with a great storyline.
The movie was well done. Kirk Cameron and Erin Bethea really did a good job of showcasing a marriage truly on its last legs. Divorce is in the works. I like the fact that the movie showed how each person in a marriage is responsible for maintaining their own personal relationship with the Lord and how this can really affect ones marriage.
When one loose focus on who is the center of the marriage then one allows the Enemy to come on in. The Enemy loves confusion. When he stirs up pass hurts, emotions and feeling some time we are not strong enough spiritually to deal with the consequence of our actions.
I would recommend this movie to every married couple. Its important to always try to learn you mates love language. If I am a person who doesn't really need things like flowers, you sending me flowers doesn't make me happy or impress me. But if I am a woman who needs my mate to give me lots of physical time then thats what I yearn for from my mate. The movie also lets couples realize the importance of speaking up and saying what you truly need and want from your mate to keep things going.

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