Praise the Lord!
Come in my sisters and have a seat so we can drink some tea together.
Today we are going to chat about. . .a feeling of hopelessness.
There was a pastor shooting by a 27 year old in Maryville, Ill.
I thought this was the most horrible thing to hear.
I am not even investigating "why" the pastor was shot.
I was thinking about the mental state of the gunman.
Is there a growing number of students with emotional problems in our society?

I read that this man had developed mental illness after Lime disease attacked his brain.
I'm not an expert on the disease but if you have a chronic illness don't you normally have someone to check on you?

This man walked down the aisle of a church during the pastor's sermon and then shoot him.
I'm sure all the church member assumed that the guy was "giving his life to Christ.
"Two members were injured. The pastor was said to have tried to protect himself with the Bible he was reading from to shield him. I give the pastor an "A" for effort--this man was probably in shock.

I pray that the Lord will be with those who were forced to watch this event. That this event will bring them closer to the Lord.