Have You Appologize to the Lord for Your Part in the Recession?

Praise the Lord!
Sisters, we don't want you to let the recession get you down but as followers of Christ let's be honest. What have you done in life to help you get you in the situation you are currently in?
Even if you lost your job, Did you have 8 months of your salary saved? Why or why not?
Christians know that the Bible speaks of time of famine. Did you not read your word daily?
Let me ask you again, What have you done to contribute to this recession?

No matter your situtation take time and reflect on your behavior. Have you been a good steward of all the things the Lord have given you? What needs to change in your life? How can the Lord help you make things better? Don't let the Enemy (Depression) make you loose your focus. The Lord wants to "Change" things in your life. The Lord is your strengthn. The Lord will not give you more than you can bare. This is just a little wildreness season for some people.

For others the Lord is trying to tell you to take the time and grow up and realize what really matters in life. The Lord wants us to continue to TRUST Him. Do you Trust the Lord to bring you through your situation? Is there anything too hard for the Lord? For years have you been living a lie? Buying things you can't afford? Faking like your better off than you really are? Buying stuff and more stuff so you didn't have to deal with your mother, husband, or kids. Did you waste years borrowing from your student loan so you wouldn't have to grow up and take responsibility? Do you nee to ask the Lord for forgiveness for wanting to "Get Rich Quick" so you made bad decession with you 401K. Well, whatever your situation, just realize that the Lord knows your need, he is still faithful and just. You have to just take time and get on your knees and get honest with the Lord, Your Heavenly Father. Just like you sometimes have to tell your earthly father your "sorry." You have to tell your heavenly father you are "sorry" for your actions.