Can Christian Women Look Sexy?

Yes, my stronghold for years has been weight issues but as I have become older it has been a lot harder to loose. I want to brag and tell the world that i have lost 20 pounds. This has been a great accomplishment; however, my Christian friends have not been very supportive. They have been very nasty or maybe a little jealous. I still act the same but I am happy that I am back to my old "sexy self."

Now that I am slim and back to being cute by church friends are in a round about way questioning my relationship with God. When I was fat and couldn't walk up steps or had to tell them I would catch up with them after service because they were walking too fast there was no problem. Now things have change. I can't seem to get any encouragement. I guess your only a REAL Christian woman when you are flumpy and plain.

My friend got upset when I pulled out my shake when everyone was eating breakfast.. you know the traditional stuff. However when I pulled out my Figure 8. Lord you should have seen their faces---the nerve of me. Byt the way, I am using the product called Figure 8 by Arbonne International its a direct sales company new to my area. Better that the Slim product, the starter kit cost $126. If you order online us my new best friends ID#18166140 so she will get some credit.

I really need to hear from anyone who have had the same experience. Its always said when people let the enemy use them for evil. I was really hurt but this event but I am going to exercise and drink my shakes but it seems like I am going to have to meet some new friends.