Its Never too Late for God

Praise the Lord! Sisters thanks for stopping by for a tea break. Let me share Kelly Morgan's testimony...its very inspirational. She is a christian talk show host on LeSea Broadcasting
At age 15, Kelly got into the entertainment industry.

She has lots of acting credits from All My Children, Another World, ABC Specials, independent films, to Sesame Street. She even went against Janet Jackson for the part on the movie FAME. She moved to California to further her career; however, she got caught up with the Hollywood scene of sex and drug. She end up getting pregnant at 18, and had an abortion. Then she got pregnant 3 months later and decided to keep that baby. Things were so bad she had to move back home with her parents.

She end up on welfare and struggle to make ends meet. She said she was in such a pit that she even prostituted her body to make money. She was drowning in dispair and even got into a
New Age religion. She said she felt hopeless and then she prayed to God to put it all back together. To her surpise, He did. She end up in community college where she became the first African American to graduate as valedictorian. Then she received a full scholarship to Hofstra University a school she originally wanted to attend as a child. She got married and had two
more children. She received top honors and scholarships and made a CD. Then she started to
a lot of notoriety and an acting agency then signed her.

She said, "At my first photo shoot, I felt awful. I thought, Here I am a Christian, doing this photo shoot wearing hardly anything at all." After the shoot she felt discouraged, and while praying one day, she sensed the Lord telling her to cancel her contract with the agency.

Kelly cancelled the contract and in doing so, handed her dream back to God, figuring that He didn't want her near the entertainment industry again. Because of what she did, she was told, "You'll never work again." But 3 weeks later, Kelly sensed God telling her to send her resume to 3 Christian televesion stations, in hopes of becoming a TV anchorwamn. Two stations said they had nothing available. But the 3rd, in Indiana, called and said, "We're interested, but you have no credentials." Keyy responded by saying, "I'm just doing what the Lord told me to do." She was told to come be a guest on the show."

"Little God-thing happened," Kelly said. As it turns out, she was hired to host one of the shows. Her producer later told her, "We were just about to hire someone else when your package came." "I am now living out my dream," Kelly said.

Kelly knew a God who could take the pieces of her life and put them back together again as she surrendered her hopes and dreams to Him. Kelly thought her mistakes marred her chances of experiencing something more. But I love the fact that her testimony reminds us that its NEVER TOO LATE FOR GOD TO FULFILL YOUR DREAMS.