President Obama Encourage The Lost Art of Talking

Ladies, come in a sit with me and have a little tea and toast. No beer here ladies we are modern women
but we are still Christians. We are such a technological society some of you read my blog via different mediums such as cell phone and old fashion email. As a society we are forgetting how to just sit down and
talk with one another.

I give President Obama an "A" for effort. Our president is really a peacemaker. The president and his vice president decided to have the two men sit down and talk about their difference over a glass of beer.

American men seem to solve things over beer and sports event. Umm! That's another blog-lol.

This president is so different, give him credit for trying to solve this "stupid" incident. Yes, it was stupid. He is trying to talk about health issues and now he his this little distraction for a week or two. I am happy President Obama is using this as a "teachable" moment.

After one puts children in time out, then one has to discuss what happened and how one can handle the situation differently next time. Okay, give them the "devils" juice it will make them forget everything. Okay, let me focus. President Obama needs to give both these influential men a good scolding on exhibiting good behavior and understanding CONSEQUENCE.

Professor Henry Gates have the right to be angry about being "harassed" at his home on his front porch for the world to see, however when one adds a police officer
into the mix the situation changes. If a policeman demands your ID even in your bathroom you have to show it.

Professor Gates was hurt and insulted by the way the officer came at him. Imagine, this is an old man wanted a little respect. This officer didn't even know who he was talking to. Gates did so much in his life for race relations, teaching a Harvard the creme de la creme of American intelligence, all those summits, papers and documentary on injustice in America years ago and films on Apartheid in South Africa and in the end being accused of breaking into your own home and being handcuff and treated like a common "thug."

Sgt. James Crowley had the right to be angry about being "harassed" by an old man who would not listen to him a display his ID. How could he disrespect his authority. Ummm! Older people respecting a young authority figure, okay we knew this would end badly.

Imagine, Sgt. Crowley had his own professional credentials he may have excelled in the academy, he even conducted classes on race relations.

It's ironic that both men taught this race stuff but when they were confronted
with it face to face they didn't know what to do--that's deep.

Are you a good communicator? How would you have handled the situation?
How do you talk to people who don't seem to comprehend your message?
How do you defuse a situation when you sense it is becoming negative?
When is it right to walk away or take a time out?
Unfortunately, in America the rules for talking to or with a police officer is quite different
that's why many communities don't perceive this interaction as a positive thing.

Don't be cheap, hire a locksmith, okay--focus.
The lesson for all my blog readers is to take time to get to know your neighbor. Speak to them. Invite them over. Get out of your comfort zone. We can solve all Americas racial issue by really getting to know others of different cultures develop a friendship with someone different from you. Didn't Martin Luther King talk about this years ago, its said we still have to work on this.