Healthy Lunch Ad Insults Obama Girls.

Praise the Lord!

Sisters thanks for stopping by for some tea. I have to tell you about my latest concern...the Healthy School Ad I saw in the train station in Washington, DC.

Okay, I hate that I am actually promoting this by telling you this but there is an ad out trying to get Congress attention in reference to the Child Nutrition Act

There is an picture of a young African American girl who points out that “President Obama’s daughters get healthy school lunches” and asks, “Why don’t I?”

I am angry that don't an advertiser is throwing these children into their politics without their parents consent.On behalf of the President Obama let me say, "Advertisers your ploy is just plain stupid." Don't mess with people children.
The President's children have not been elected into office.

President Obama daughters don't know why the schools have bad lunches, I am sure has to do with the school administrators are they not the ones in charge of vendors and food for their school systems. Let's be honest for once, many school systems get kickbacks and incentives from food vendors shall I start naming companies?

The sad truth is if you want your kids to have a healthy lunch in public schools then you need to pack it yourself or send your child to a private school where they really care about the well-being of your child.