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Rev Ike & Son Bishop Xavier


Sisters thanks for stopping by for some tea. Its been years since I was in the entertainment

loop but I've received lots of email requesting my tidbits.

Let me start with a little music:
This fall is full of come backs and returns. In the seculiar market there is lots of buzz about Whitney Houston but we have a few in the Gospel Market. Lisa Page Brooks, who was the lead singer for Witness returns with a new album due out in late October.

Be Be & Ce Ce will be back after 13 years. Kim Burrell has a new album coming out along with a mega birthday bash in Houston TX which will be held in late August. There is lots of buzz about Allyn Johnson out of Washington, DC he is a great pianist who helps lots of other people in th eindustry but this is his first debut album. The Word Network has signed the show Soulaughable, a family comedy show, for a second season. The show is hosted by Flex Alexander.

On a sad note: Rev. Frederick "IKE" Eikerenkoetter died at age 74, he was one of the original "prosperity gospel preachers," his teachings were contrary to the word of God but he was popular for his prayer cloth ministry back in the 1970's and 80's.

The Black Christian Book Market needs our support. I can't believe that Christian Fiction after eleven years, I am back to trying to promote this genre. Its really sad that Christian Book stores do carry such titles. We are re-establishing our Inspiring Sisters Book club. Our first book is Ideal Wife--please support us by going through the blog to purchase the book.


  1. Thanks so much for promoting the Christian Fiction genre. It has been difficult getting the word about the value of the genre out.

    Please visit my blog where I highlight African Amerian Christian fiction.


    Rhonda McKnight
    Secrets and Lies
    Coming Nov 24th


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