Racism in China

Sisters my email have been full with emails and complaints about our young sister Lou Jing in China.

Historically in America many have boasted about how bright and smart the Chinese people are; however, someone forgot to mention how prejudice these people are to those of African decent. The Chinese people are so small minded and filled with self-hatered that they even spend over 100 million dollars a year on skin whitening products so that they can become "white." Now, everyone in China is picking on this young girl. Her people call her many negative words because of the color of her skin. The Chinese seem to have a deep seated hatered for any thing dark. Lou Jing only crime is she is Black and talented.

Take time today and write the Chinese embassy in your area about the treatment of people of color in their country. Stop supporting Chinese beauty supply stores during the month of December and buy wigs, weave and silk from any other country but China. Let's help our people over seas know that we support their fight for equality. Tell your friends about our boycott to help this little sister out who only crime was striving for EXCELLENCE.

View the attached UTUBE link