Christmas and the Recession Worries

Hi Sisters in Christ,

Is it just me or have you noticed that many people, especially Christians seem to be down this Christmas season, I don't know if its because of the so called recession. However, Christians have to realize that these type of things are really not their problem or issue because we must live by the word of the Lord. We should not be governing our money and investments by the worlds law.

Even if your deep in debt and you can't pay your mortgage, your investment have disappeared, and you are now unemployed, you too can make a difference in the life of others. You can still pray for others, pray the promises of God in your life or share your testimony with others. God decided to have you her for such a time as this. A time when people are in discouraged and have no one or nothing to believe in.

God has sent you so many pople who you can influence. Think about all the peopl you know who you can bless today. Don't let sin or issues stop you from believing in the power of the Holy Spirit. There is nothing your going through too hard for God.

Take time and speak blessing into your life this holiday season. Peace be with you Sisters!!!