God Is Waiting For You

Praise the Lord!
Sisters thanks for stopping by for some tea.
I have to tell you about my latest concern...Leadership.

The Lord is seeking godly leaders like yourself; however, many of you who read our post have not done a thing with your gift. Imagine, the Lord has blessed you with a special gift but you keep wasting time and your action is hurting the kingdom of God.

There are some issues that is bothering you in the world. God keeps whispering in your ears that he needs your assistance but you just won't move. Trust that the Lord will help you make the right decision. Don't worry if your task seems difficult because there is nothing too impossible for the Lord.

God needs your talent today, stop putting God off. Ask God how he can use your gifts. There are many opportunities for you to help. Are you willing to actually make the first step? The kingdom of God needs all types of people with all types of interest and concerns to makee a difference.