Praise the Lord!
Sisters thanks for stopping by for some tea. I have to tell you about my latest concern...LEADERSHIP. Where are our next generation of leaders?

Well, they are out there--we just do not always hear about them. That's why I was thrilled to hear about 13 year old, Stephen Stafford II, of Lithonia Georgia.
He is a African American child prodigy who is a student at the historical Morehouse University. If you do not know, this is a premier Historical Black College whose alumae includes Martin Luther King, Jr.

This young man is brilliant. He started college at 11 years old and back then he was getting the highest score in his pre-calculus class. His professors state that this young man will complete his work in less than 20 minutes. Work that take the average college student an hour to do. I am so proud to hear about students who have such a love for learning.

Parents we are too busy being distracted by life that we are really neglecting our children. Many parents want their children to be "A" students but many parents are not providing the support needed to achieve that hugh level of academic sucess. Today's parents are too consume about getting more "stuff." Our children have more things but they have been neglected of some of our old time values like "time" with parents and family.

According to a Georgia newspaper, "Stafford’s mother, Michelle Brown-Stafford, home-schooled both her children (Stephen has an older sister also in college) and believes that parental involvement is essential for students to excel. But when she realized her son was starting to teach her instead of being taught, she knew he needed to be in a college environment.": Mrs. Stafford created a gifted support group at

What are you expecting from your children?