Planned Parenthood Vs Focus On the Family


Praise the Lord!

Sisters thanks for stopping by for some tea. I have to tell you about my latest concern...Planned Parenthood.

I have concerns about this "population control" organization. This is the same organization that began around 1916 from a founder Sanger's who was hurt that her mother had 18 children and died at a young age. According to some of her early writing she really felt women were just down right ignorant about birth control.
Even though in the early years she did make some strives in getting many health departments to include birth control as a health issue. I have a problem with the type of organization her efforts have turned into.

I am not even touching her thoughts and issues with African American women because if you read her writings on the subject I don't think any woman of color would even support such racist propoganda. Many of my college mates reported inferior birth control and someone shared with me that their is strong pressure to abort your child. This is from a unscientific poll I took myself with a group of young ladies.

In a America we have the Freedom of Speech. This is a basic right. I was a little annoyed when I heard Planned Parenthood was protesting about the right of Focus On the Families Right to air a commercial during the Super Bowl.

I didn't even know what the commercial was about but I was upset that they were saying that Mrs. Tobow, mother of Quarterback Tim Tibow, winner of the Heisman Trophy for best college player, could not share her testimony.

When you visit the Focus On the Family website she shares why she rejected the advice of doctors to abort him. It is a beautiful testimony. If I am a Christian I should have the Right to share my opinions and views, just like everyone else.
If you can share your opinions then I should be able to also.

Mrs. Tibow advertisement was a tease, I pray the Holy Spirit will lead many mothers to-be to Focus On The Family website.