Thank the Lord for Change

Praise the Lord!
Sisters thanks for stopping by for some tea. On the eastern part of the U.S. many are expereiencing a blizzard but this pictire reminded me that we all need to thank the Lord for a season of change. Change is a uncomfortable thing but it is also a beautiful thing. Look at how a blizzard can change the President's residency to something a little more beautiful. What changes are you going thrugh in your life? Are you exhibiting a spirit of thanksgiving through your new change in life? Are praising the Lord for the change? Have you realize the truth that the Lord is trying to teach you? Today as you go through your own personal little storm or blizzard take a moment to thank the Lord that he has given you the strength to be able to endure whatever situation life sends your way.

Ladies we need you to purchase and read our book club novel to the left. We will discuss it in March.