Are You Trusting God

Praise the Lord!
Sisters thanks for stopping by for some tea. I have to tell you about my latest concern is the issue of Trust.

I am getting tired of hearing about the recession especially from Christians. We should know better. We know we have to trust in the Lord with ALL our HEART and not lean on our own understanding. So why are you getting all worked up about your surrounding.

Stop complain about the physical you see and start praising God for the spiritual you do not see. You could be doing worse. Thank God right now, that he has kept you and blessed you because your neighbor may be doing worse than you.

Thank the Lord for your job, family, friends,and network of support. If you don't think your rich look in your refrigerator.


  1. Amen! Very true. The Bible tells us not to be worried, God will handle our lives.

    I recently started a Christian blog of my own, and would love your opinion of it if you have the time :) blessings!


    Thorns and Myrtles


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