Are You Still Searching?

Praise the Lord! Sisters thanks for stopping by for some tea.
I have to tell you about my latest for our homosexuality.

Our society has been promoting the concept and acceptance of homosexuality. However, like most serious followers of Christ
I can not accept such a lifestyle. A homosexual lifestyle is
against the teaching of Christ. Peroid. Unfortunately we can not
change the word of God to fit our lifestyle. We must change our
lifestyle to fit God's standard.

If you or someone you know is struggling with this issue and feel they
are in bondage and alone. Jesus shares in his word the parable of the
Lost Sheep. One day a shepherd who loved and cared for 100 sheep realized that one was missing. Do you think he decided to just care for the 99 or did he search for the one missing?

Of course he decided to find the one missing sheep. He retraced his steps and looked everywhere. He looked in every bush and near every rock until he found his missing sheep. He was so happy that he put the sheep on his shoulder and walked home. He was so happy that he told his neighbors.

What does this have to do with you? I just want to remind you that the Lord Jesus Christ cares so much about you even though your not living an ideal lifestyle.

Some of you may not be living a homosexual lifestyle but you are still guilty of sin. God still loves you and he wants you to come out of your sinful lifestyle, change your friends and begin to live for him. You have to give up some things in order to become part of his family. But you can do all thing through Christ who strengthens you.

Its time for you to make a move that will save your soul. God loves and cares for you. He has been searching for you, but will you let him find you?