Motherhood in America, Is there Hope?

Praise the Lord! Sisters thanks for stopping by for some tea. I wanted to explore the state of Motherhood in particular. If you are from another country please share the thoughts of your particular culture. The view of motherhood in America is not always thought as blessing. Many women have bought into the feminist agenda which I remind you is not always biblical. The Pew Research Center just released a new study on motherhood in America, comparing with mothers of newborns in 1990, today's mothers of newborns are older and better educated. Moms today are largely people of a minority group and are single. ■Age: Today, a large number new mothers are ages 35 and older. ■Marital Status: 41% of births were to unmarried women, the share of births has increased most sharply for whites and Hispanics, although the highest share is for black women. ■Race and Ethnicity: White women made up 53% of mothers of newborns in 2008, down from 65% in 1990. The share of births to Hispanic women has grown dramatically, to one-in-four. ■Education: 71% of new mothers had at least some college education. ■Explaining the Trends: All the trends cited above reflect a complex mix of demographic and behavioral factors. For example, the higher share of college-educated mothers stems both from their rising birth rates and from women's increasing educational attainment. The rise in births to unmarried women reflects both their rising birth rates and the shrinking share of adults who are married. ■Attitudes about Parenthood: When asked why they decided to have their first (or only) child, the overwhelming majority of parents (87%) answer, "The joy of having children." But nearly half (47%) also say, "There wasn't a reason; it just happened." In addition, the report contained this insight about family size: When Americans are asked what is the ideal number of children for a family, the most popular answer, according to the survey, is "two" -- as it has been since the 1970s. And, indeed, among women with children at the end of their reproductive years -- ages 40-44 in 2006 -- the largest share (43%) had two. An additional 22% each had one or three children, 8% had four and 4% had five or more. What does the finding of this report mean to Christians? Ladies, we need to explore some issues such as the feminist agenda, abortion, premartial sex, singleness and marriage. The report didn't reveal if these women were single by choice? There are some "modern" women who want a child but really do not want a man for whatever reason. The Pew report could not explore the reason why a woman would choose to have a child without a father. Why would one make such a choice? The report didn't touch on birth control, many of today's Christian Women are now having complications or fertility issue as a result of things they did to their body in their youth. Why are many people not happy about the blessing of a child? Why doesn't our society really respect motherhood? Were we angry with our own mother growing up and disliked how she handled motherhood? Why are so many women not embracing love and marriage and especially the blessing of motherhood?