Hawthorne: Is It Inspirational?

Picture from TNT Website

I just got back from overseas, so I missed the season premier of Hawthorne, but thank the Lord for DVR and TiVO. lol I so happy that I remember to prerecord the show. I would like to encourage all my blog readers to check it out. Its very entertaining and I am happy that it is also very inclusive in terms of its casting.

I enjoyed the first season so of course I couldn't wait for the show to return. I have never been interested in the field of medicine but I seem to love hospital shows. Can it stem from of my childhood days of watching General Hospital with my mom? Umm. Well, this season Chistina and most of her staff have moved to a new hospital where there is much tension between staff. I guess the producer wanted to take the show to a new direction.

I want the writers to do a better job with the medical research/ terminology without overdoing it. Jada has the means to hire a medical consultants. I hope the writers will research some real city hospitals and find out more about their issues and common diseases. I do not just want to see a plot where the good nurses come a save the day of those bad nurses   at the city hospital. I want an entertaining, interesting show that is also somewhat realistic in nature.

I do like to see twist and turns. What causes someone with a caring spirit to get into a caring field and then become so cold and harden. Why do many people seem to let their professional life affect their personal life. Do you let your job overtake you in such a way that it is harmful? The Word reminds us to operate in our gifts. Are you affecting the lives of others with your gift/profession? Why or Why not?

Ladies, I have got to go a have a little herbal tea, but pleases share what's on your mind.