The Sexualization of American Girls

Sisters, I can't even wait for my tea to brew. I am so sick of our society sexualizing our little girls. What is the value of females in America? It is awful to see this promotion for young girls being "sexy." Our society is constantly promoting the benefits of being "sexy" a.k.a "loose," or should I just get real and say "sluts" and "whores" are being promoted on commercials, on the news, and reality television as something for young woman to try to attain.

In my personal life, I went to a middle school concert and what did I see? Young girls dressed up with boas and shaking and grinding like professional. I went to the principal and complained but its sad to say I was the only person who complained and I now seem as an "old-fashion mom," who cares. No one is standing up for little girls being little girls. As Christian moms we have to uphold modesty. If you know of some clothing designers who design modest clothes, please share.

In America, we seem to be moving away from letting children be children. We are dressindg our kids like adults, we give them adult toys, we indulge them in adult conversation and then we wonder why our children are so out of control. I am sick of "sexualize products like the Bratz, sexual music, and cable shows with smart mouth little girls. Christian mothers its time for you to be proactive and voice your opinion to manufactures and cable producers that enough is enough. The bible tells us where all this attitude and behavior is going to lead. Proverbs reminds us that a foolish child will grieve his mother. Enough said. Ladies let me go get my tea.