Yearning for a Simple Life

Sisters, Come on in a lets sip some tea and talk about seeking a simple life. I like many of you, I have so very much to do. I have decided to try to live a new clutter free life. I have been throwing so many things out but when it comes to my clothes I find it hard to part. I don't know why, maybe I feel that if I keep it long enough the style or fashion will come back in style. Well, the truth maybe I just love clothes. lol In the past I have declutter and then reclutter. However, I now have this deep yearning to live a more simple life. I want it to be a reality not just a theory. I am currently really stressed by life's responsibilities so I had to go to the chapter of Luke in the Word. I read about Mary and Martha when they had Jesus for dinner, Jesus is reminding all of us that we have to always feed our souls. What are you doing that is causing stress in your life. The Word reminds us that if it is of no heavenly good then maybe we need to elimante it from our life. Ouch! The Lord wants all of us to spend out time feasting on his Word. We have to learn to say "no, I am not available," "no, I can not attend." We have to spend more time just basting in the Word of God if we truly want to keep our life simple.