Are Summer Vacations Even Necessary?

Praise the Lord!

Sisters, come on in and have a cup of tea and
lets talk about ...the importance of vacations.

I will share that I am still on vacation. I must admit I enjoy getting away from everything and everyone
I know.

I love planning my trip and packing up and leaving my environment. If I could figure out how to make money at home, I would just travel and write. That would be the best job ever. Imagine, a relaxing job with lots of great scenery. I could lay down with my laptop or iphone and just write, drink something cool and still get paid. Uhmm, what a life I would have in my head. lol  Ladies, I just read this article while I was enjoying the breeze. The article explored a new issue among American workers. Americans who do not take part in their employers annual vacation.

What! Do not say that too loud!

The first thing I thought about was are these people mentally stable? Then I thought, wait a minute ... that doesn't matter. If you are given time off why wouldn't you take it? Are these people experiencing a mental break down that no one has seem to notice?

We live in one of the most stressful countries. Okay, did I say we are in one of the most STRESSFUL countries? Are these people stupid? I can not comprehend such behvior. Nor do I want to, as I lay here, on my vacation. Thinking about such a thing is hurting my brain. People like this can really hurt vacation for the rest of us.

Is self-abuse a psychological classification? Mental health professionals need to study such personalities. I can not relate not one bit. If you work hard during the year why wouldn't you take
a week off even if its just to sit in the house and read.Why wouldn't you want to take a mental break? Why would a person hurt themselves like that?

I was getting so worked up I had to pick up the good book. Genesis 2:3 states, And God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done.

So resting is important to the Lord. If it is important to the Lord then it is something good for me. Our body needs to physically and mentally rest.

This summer I would like to encourage you to take a little time off for yourself. Even if you can not afford a fancy vacation make time for a "stay-cation" in your home. Make time for your own mental health.

Please let me know, Do you ever ignore or give up your vacation time?


  1. When I was working as a family physician, I took ALL of my 7 weeks of time off. Granted, usually 3 or 4 weeks were used for continuing education, but even that was a great time away from work. I can't comment on what other people do, but working in medicine is emotionally and spiritually draining. I desperately needed my time off! I also needed my time with my kids and hubby!


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