Do You Support Other Moms?

Praise the Lord! Sisters, come on in and have a cup of tea and lets talk about ...supporting other moms?

When you see a child screaming at his mom do you just ignore or are you proactive? If you see child misbehaving do you give the mom some pointers?

I experienced an incident today. I went to the pool with my family today and a fellow mom was alone with her three children under five years old. She tried to hold one child while she walked around in the pool and played with the other two.

Well, children will be children. The ladies child who seem to be about four years old began to vomit in the pool. Yes thats disgusting but you know things happen with children. I was so surprise with the atitude of the other moms in the pool. Most people were you angry with her that they gave her the evil eyes and pack their children up and left. Others began to breathe so hard and pout in a manner to let her know how they felt. Several went to tell the life guard and fuss so they could close the pool.

I think I was the only person to ask the child if he was okay. I told him don't worry things happen sometime.
The mother's eyes seem to say she appreciated my concern. I really couldn't believe these other moms. I wasn't sure if they were just acting snobby or if they were upset that their kids had to get out of the pool and wait 30 minutes.

Why does it seem like some mothers are not supportive to other moms?