Shirley Sherrod a Victim of A Lie


Praise the Lord! Sisters, come on in and have a cup of tea and lets talk about..Shirley Sherrod being charge with racism.

Has anyone ever lied on you? How did you feel?
Well, Shirley Sherrod went through that but her drama was made public.

First, a group of Black farmers just won a billion dollar settlement for pass dicrimination, so the timing of Sherrod's story may have sparked the rush to judgement.

Well, yesterday news was revealed that Shirley Sherrod, a Georgia USDA official, was forced to resign from her job because of "racism she displayed twenty years ago."

The problem is that Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and the rest of the White House did not check all the facts. The Obama Administration has a "zero" tolerence for racism so they fired her.

Uhmmm, a career down the drain just like that. Don't be fooled there is no job security anymore.
Then I heard that Shirley Sherrod was then ousted by NAACP President Benjamin Jealous for her bias.

What! Oh no, shame on you newbie president of NAACP.
The NAACP should have known better, you always check and double check facts.

I must admit, I didn't believe the story from the beginning, but I felt sorry for this woman who I do not know. I was worried about her family, her pension and what would she do after such a negative report. I wondered if anyone was showing her any support.
Now it is being reported that the video of Shirley Sherrod released by Andrew Brietbart's Big Government Blog on July 19 didn't tell the full story. It was selectively edited to cast her in a negative light.  Shame on you Andrew Brietbart!!!

Can she sue Brietbart for Defamation of Character? He caused her to loose her job!
The term defamation of character is often used to describe accusations of slander, libel or both. Slander involves verbal derogatory statements, while libel involves written ones. In a court of law, the plaintiff pursuing the lawsuit would charge defamation of character to cover any form of false or damaging allegations.

Ms. Sherrod, I hope you know Jesus because 24 hours of persecution, what a testimony.
I hope you will continue to get speaking engagements that the Lord will bless you after all this
negative stuff. 

Imagine, someone just lying on you and then its all over the newspaper, tv, and the net. In 24 hours your reputation went down the drain which took a lifetime to cultivate.

The internet as the authority for information, I do not think so.

Please refer back to Journalism 101, always double check your facts. Anyone on the net or with a blog can say anything or anyone with an editing machine can make anything seem like anything. Has anyone interview Andrew Brietbart from Big Government Blog?

I guess Andew Brietbart's blog status has increased while he has contributed to destroying someone's career and livelyhood. Mr. Brietbart needs to be charged because the victim of his next negative edit may not have the proof the need to prove their innocence.

Should Shirley Sherrod return to her job?