Praise the Lord! Sisters, come on in and have a cup of tea and lets talk about ...reaching the next generation of Christian. I am a Sunday School teacher at heart.

I love any type of evangelical effort because today's children are so remove from basic Christian docturine and church in general. Many do not even understand absolute truth.

In the last 10 years I have heard more children refer to church as the place where their grandparents go. What! Oh no! Alrightie then??

Ask them about texting, the best cell phone, etc. and they can rattle of so much information. Ask them what they need to do to get to heaven and they have no clue. Mmmm!

That why its so important for all you modern Christians ladies to not give up on those who will come behind you. Take time to talk to young people and see where they are and talk to them without lecturing
in a fire and brimstone way--most know their behavior is taking them to hell, they just do not know what to do to get to HEAVEN.

Check out speaker Tamara Lowe, check out her speaking style to reach a generation. I think she was AWESOME!!!!