Summer in Almost Over, What Are You Reading?

Praise the Lord! Sisters, come on in and have a cup of tea and lets talk about ... Summer Reading. What are you reading in the Christian genre?

Besides ice tea and swimming. I love reading, my house is filled with books. Books and more books. For the record I do have a plan for these books when I am finish, I plan to pass them on.

I am an advocate for Christian Fiction. I think there is a need for this genre and I plan to publish at least ten I have formulated in my head. I hope to see five of my own made into movies and I even have a screen play. I just need the plans in my head to manifest into

In the mean time, I love to support those who are trying to make Christian book publishing  happen (I don't want to hear a thing when its my turn, I hope to see the blog support--I am serious!).

Ladies, let's check out the EDGY CHRISTIAN FICTION BLOG TOUR; where you will find blog posts, articles, and commentaries on anything edgy that pertains to Christian fiction. Edgy fictions are characters with real problems who journey to know God:

Sun Aug 1: Rhonda McKnight, the release of her new edgy fiction:  An Inconvenient Friend. You can read the first chapter on her site.

Sun Aug 1: Michelle Sutton, Sensuality in the Edgy Christian novel; both YA and Adult romance.

Wed, Aug 4: Sherryle Jackson, Edgy Urban Christian Fiction

Sun Aug 8: Tracy Krauss, Edgy Romantic Suspense

Wed, Aug 11: Keith Madsen, Edgy Christian Fiction In The Ebook Market

Sun, Aug 15: Shawna Williams, Clean Doesn't Equal Christian

Sun, Aug 22: Shawna Van Ness, Culturally Relevant Characters

Sun, Aug 29: Donna Fletcher Crow, Spiritual Authenticity in Fiction

Share with us if you have read any Edgy Christian Fiction, let us know your opinion.

If not, tell me what you have read this summer or plan to read before its over?


  1. Thanks for stopping by my corner of blog-world recently! We've been out of town, and the posts they just didn't keep coming. So... here I am now, returning your visit. It's always a pleasure to find a new friend to read. :)

    Hmm... edgy Christian fiction. I can't say I've read much. But "Havah" by Tosca Lee leaps to mind. It was a suggestion from a friend, and I needed a good book so I bit. Kinda ike Havah (Eve). ;)

    I'm a voracious reader, as well. Homeschooling 3 kids keeps my "to-read stack" rather high at all times, but I manage to make time here and there. People who can write well inspire me, it's truly a gift. I love fiction and non-fiction, I think reading both is balancing. I'm suspicious of Christians who say they don't like fiction. I'm also suspicious of people who have no bookshelves in their house. :)

    It's nice to meet you! I look forward to reading more in future.



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