A View From the Pew: Christian Talk Show on Direct TV

Show Premiers Nationally July 27th on: Direct TV Channel 367

Praise the Lord!

Sisters, come on in and have a cup of tea and lets talk about ...Christians in the media.

I can't remember if I told you guys that I have been following Hawthorne on TNT Networkwhich s not a Christian show.  I have been supporting Streaming Faith weekly online chat about the show...the funny thing is I had the same idea but since I sat on it I decided that I better support my fellow Christians.

It is important for Christian media to try to expand in this new technological world. I feel the Lord is leading me to expand Inspiring Sisters in both print and cable media so we have some things in the works.
Please continue to pray for our ministry as well as all those you may know of in your community. We all need a hedge of protect as we seek to spread the Word of God.
Ladies tomorrow I need your help in supporting Sister, Dr. Inetta Jenkins-Cooper from South Carolina. She has a new show called A View from the Pew on Direct TV 367 the WHT Channel. A View from the Pew looks like it going to be exciting dialogue. The show is hosted by Dr. Inetta Jenkins-Cooper, a Christian author, publisher and business owner I was first introduced to online, through her WomenNPower Ministry. Dr. Cooper is such an interesting woman of God, who went from a sharecropper on a farm in South Carolina to Ministry Trail Blazer, CEO of three companies. I pray her new venture will be a blessing to the kingdom.

The show plans to discuss how church affects people, their worship, beliefs, family, finances, dreams, and explain their personal view of what's wrong with it. This show is designed to cross-over secular lines; therefore it isn’t just about religion, but focuses more on the problems surrounding the church and what can be done to resolve the issues that it faces. Additionally, the studio and viewing audience are encouraged to participate by expressing their views on show topics as well.

Ladies after you watch the show come back and tell me what you thought about the show. Let's encourage our Sisters in Christ! Feel free to join me and others online at Streaming Faith --I'll be in  the audience of course --sharing my opinions as always. lol