Decorating On A Budget

Sisters in Christ,

Come and take a sip of some tea and lets chat about Decorating on a Budget.

I don't know about you but I love to save money.
Today, I decided to make some new kitchen curtains.

Now you must understand I have never taken home economics in school. But I do know how to stew on a button so I figure I could come up with something.

I decide that my kitchen should be chocolate and green. I've never seen those colors in a kitchen so I decided to be a little creative.

Yes my stitches are not too neat but what do you think? I covered four windows for $10.00. I am on cloud nine. This is how I did it:

1. Measure your Curtains Width. Go to your local discount store and go through the clearance rack.
You may have to go to a few stores if you like everything to match. I went to ROSS but if you really want to save go to a used store.

2. Kitchen curtains are normally short and cheap curtains on the clearance rack are normally huge and long. Ladies get your scissors.

3. Measure curtains, Just put on the rod and mark your desired length. Do not forget to leave about 2 inches for shrinkage.Take off rod and lay flat and cut.

4. Two panels were enough for my little window but you need to figure out how much fabric you will need.

5. Now hem your curtain as neat as possible. If you are a real modern girl who failed home ec then go to the fabric store and get that new two sided tape. You will not even have to sew. IT IS SOOO COOL!

6. If you want to get fancy and add a neat trim at the bottom, guess what, they have fabric glue. I am now going redecorate all the curtains in my house.

7. Now hang your new creation.

I even got so excited that I decide to use the left over material to make pillows. Let me know what project you are doing this summer, and tell us how you are doing?


  1. I love sewing too! But I haven't done so in quite some time now... been very busy. I've done curtains, comforter covers, cushions, etc.

    This summer I'm attempting to repaint our bathrooms... I will get to them, I hope! :-)


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