Do You Feel Wonderfully Made?

Sisters in Christ,
Welcome to our Fun Friday Video.

The word reminds us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made but sometimes modern Christians just do not feel that way. Yes, we are just like every other woman in the world. Sometimes our appearance matters to no one but ourselves.

Do you wear anything that pulls our tucks in your little extras? Do you weigh yourself every morning? Do you count wrinkles or pinch fat? Do you find yourself comparing yourself to models in magazines, on television or in internet ads? If you find yourself being negative about your wrinkles, I want to remind you to focus on the one who created you because in the end, God is more concern about your inside. Check out this little Friday Funny and have a fabulous day, you are looking just fine. Sistergirl:))


  1. What a way to start my Friday! :) Big smiles! Thank you so much! thanks for stopping by my blog too! So glad you could come by for a visit! :) Have a great day!!


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