How Can I Be A Witness?

Praise the Lord! Sisters, come on in and have a cup of tea and lets talk about ...Are you a Christian Witness?

I mean, do you actually go out your way and tell others about Jesus?

Many people ask me all the time what can I do to witness to others with out seeming so preachy.       Well, you have to do what your comfortable with doing. How you conduct yourself in public is such a big witness to your Christian testimony.

No matter if you are at work, in library, at the grocery store or mowing your lawn, people are always watching you from afar. Its like you tell everyone your a Christian and they say to themselves,     Uhmmm, is she really? Let me paraphase the Lords last words,"[Ladies, go out to all the world and spread the gospel]." You can tell others about Christ in different ways.

Here are a few simple things you can do:

-Pray for guidance on ways you can make a difference in your community.

-Help your neighborhood school get ready for Back to School by stuffing envelopes, fixing bulletin boards, etc. I would love to see a homeschool group just come into the school and volunteer and be a part of the solution. Ouch!

-Develop a Cyber or neighborhood bible study and invite your unchurch neighbors. Its easy to talk about the problems you see but its hard to invest in others when you may not get any tangible reward.

-Wear Christian apparel or pull out your bible when you are on public transportation in a waiting room, etc. You would be surprise by your silent witness.

-Use scripture verse at the end of your emails, blog, or social network account.

 -Have your bible study meet at a restaurant or coffee shop so others will notice that there are Christians among them. lol

-Place a Christian tract in the windows of ever car you park next to whenever you go to the store. That is just two little tracts that can touch a life.

 -Host a homeschool coffee and doughnut hour at your local recreational center or library. This will help homeschool teachers feel connected.

-Start a neighborhood prayer walk, God will use any circumstance for His Glory.

-Respond to people at the store, in line, etc. in a Christ-like manner.

-Develop a servant hearts, show kindness without expecting anything in return.

Sisters in Christ, tell us what you do to WITNESS to others in your community?