What Will It Take to Make Your Life Simple?

What will it take to make your life more simple?

I was recently praying and ask God to help me to Yes, crazy is not good or Godly simplify all my stuff. This summer I was trying to bag up things for donations.

Well, be careful what you pray far...my basement flooded and all my stuff had to be thrown away. The Lord answered my little request to get rid of or purge somethings that were really getting on my last nerve.

I could have seen my flooded basement as a bad thing but instead I decided to embrace the situation as a blessing.

The incident had be remember the incident with Hurricane Katrina. Its been 5 years since Hurricane Katrina, over 1,836 people lost their lives in the actual hurricane and in the subsequent floods, making it the deadliest U.S. hurricane since the 1928 Okeechobee hurricane; total property damage was estimated at $81 billion.

Despite the obvious damage, can we see or count some blessings that have come into the lives of Katrina survivors? There are many testimonies of wonderful success stories.

Today as you experience a little difficulty, do not dwell on the negative aspects of the situation. Stop and think about what good will come from the situation. Let us know what you think!


  1. This is a great word today! I'm getting ready to do a book review from a book titled "Bittersweet", by Shauna Niequist. It talks about the bitter within the sweet moments and how it takes the bitter to build our character...

  2. That is such a wonderful attitude... I try to look for the good but at times it is tough!

  3. Amen. We have to focus on the greatness of our God in all situations!


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