Bishop Eddie Long - When Leaders Let Us Down

The media has been broadcasting about at least four incidents involving mega church leader Bishop Eddie Long. The news have not been good at all. It just makes my heart sad.

What do we do when our leaders let us down?
Acording to the Word of God, when a Pastor or a Teacher do anything wrong according to the Word we have to remove them from that position.

What has been your reaction to the incident?
I am still shock when I hear about Christian leaders doing ungodly things. The silence from other Christian leaders and media is what have been shocking. I don't know if its because its a "homosexual" or "child molestation" incident...where is everyone and why are they all so silent? It just makes you wonder what is really going on among the mega church leaders. Is there others? Are people afraid their name is going to come out.

I was sadden by the reaction of his church members. In a traditional Baptist church under the authority of a convention, Bishop Eddie Long would have to resign from his position but many mega churches are pastor owned churches. A pastor can not be a shepard of the flock and hurt his sheep and still remain a shepard. Its not bibical.

If the incidents are true, I hope the Georgia authorities will also arrest the church secretaries who scheduled these meetings for abuse, the bodyguards who assisted in the abuse by letting them occur and the parents of these boys who aided in the prostitutuion of their sons by accepting gifts and money in return for the raping of their sons. Anyone who aided in the Bishop abuse needs to be arrested and get time in prison.

What everyone should learn from all this?
Its time for modern mothers to realize that if anyone if more interested in your child than you are-- there is a problem. Money, position and power does not mean a person is mentally stable. Ladies, sleepovers among non family members need to be a thing of the past.

What is your thoughts of the future of the church?
The whole thing is ashame. The Lord is going to prune some of the mega ministries because money and power is cause some to entertain some sinful ways but God's word will not come back void and God will deal with his leaders his way. Its right there in the word of God.

What will Christian women in the church learn?
Most sisters are now putting the whole Georgia "Down low" thing in to perspective as what it may mean in the lives of some women. Many women were lusting off of the Bishops tight suits and muscle shirts but the reality of lust is that they were lusting after him but he was lusting after the teenage boys. Ouch!

What's the future for African American churches?
In Georgia, I am not sure because there is a huge homosexual subculutre. Across the country, We have to do a better job investigating our leaders before we put them in position in our churches.

Culturally, homosexuality and Christianity never tried to mix in our churches. If African Americans chose to be homosexuals they would not bring that into the church. It is not a part of our cultural experience so for Bishop Eddie Long to manipulate and lie to his congregation it is such a big slap in the face of African Americans. To abuse our boys like that, it is going to cause many churches to change policies.

In the old days, he would probably disappear but for the record, "Baptist" churches do not have "Bishops." Bishops are a part of this mega church movement.  Maybe this Bishop stuff is a part of the homosexual church movement.  One of the boys in the case stated about some ritual thing with candels that Bishop Long did with him. Like he married him in some sort of sick sexual way. The bible speaks about the wolves in sheep clothings.

I pray that the Lord will give us all wisdom during these last days.


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