CD's I Love to Hear

Sisters in Christ, I just want to share two CD in
my car. One is by Yanna Crawley and the other by Mary Alessi.

I am very particular when it comes to buying music or maybe I should be more transparent and say
I am very thrifty. Okay, I will be honest, I am a very cheap in that area. Buying music is a big deal for me. I mean I have to LOVE it! LOVE IT!

Yanna Crawley CD is one of my favorite because it deals with God's Promises in our life. I keep this CD on highest volume in my car. According to, Y’Anna Crawley, winner of season 2 of BET’s Sunday Best,  debuted at #2 on Billboard’s Gospel Chart. Keep telling your friends to buy or call your local Christian radio station and continue to let them know you love the CD. I hope to be able interview Crawley soon for our debut issue of Inspiring Sister Magazine.

Sisters, I just discover Mary Alessi CD. I love it because its about Changing-a.k.a Pressing On:

Sisters in Christ, If you have any of these CD's tell me how you like them. No this isn't a paid advertisement. I just like sharing my favorite things and like to know what my readers like too. Thanks Sisters