Death of A Christian: Asia Bibi

When problems come in your life, and they will come. Do not forget to be like king Hezekiah and take the time to get on your knees and pray. Do you trust the Lord to keep his promises in your life?

Sisters in Christ, Please join us for the rest of the week in prayer. Please lift Sister Bibi in your prayers this week. We are praying that the Lord will do something supernaturally to get this woman off the death penalty list.

Asia Bibi, 45 was picking berries with some women and they sent her to get some water, however, when she returned with the water a woman refused to drink it because the water was touched by a Christian.

In 2010,  I can't believe we are still hearing about prejudice against ones religion. The Pakistan government has sentenced Asia Bibi to death by hanging under the country’s blasphemy laws.

Bibi allegedly insulted the Prophet Muhammad. Pope Benedict XVI appealed for clemency but hard-line Islamic groups have threatened civil war if the government pardons Bibi or attempts to amend the law.

It's quite sad to hear about Christians being tortured. Its awful to think that a woman could be killed because of the haterd of others. Unfortunately, when one is part of a minority group of only 2 million of Pakistan’s 175 million people. Then one wonders if Bibi has any hope for change.