For Colored Girl Review: Trials and Tribulations

"For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide/When the Rainbow Is Enuf was a challenging theatrical work to transfer to the big sceen. But Tyler Perry did a great job. Everyone in my row in the theatre was passing tissue. Everyone seem to be able to relate to one of the characters if not personally.

This is not a Christian movie. Far from it, so if you are sensitive. Do not go see it. I would decribe it as a sad drama. The most horrible things that could happen to a women, it happened. Do not take your date to this one, else you may have an awkward rest of the night. I was disappointed to see that Tyler Perry, a Christian Director, did not even give the ending a more Christian twist, but maybe he wanted to stay true to orignial work. However, I felt something was missing at the end.

The film was based on the screenplay by Ntozake Shange, who published the screenplay in 1975. Shange's orignial play was a sensuous hybrid of poetry, dance, drama and feminist theology. Each woman told her story which was representative of the color she wore.

The reoccuring theme in this movie was dealing with trails and tribulations of life. I think Perry did an awesome job of incorporating  the poetry with the dialogue. The poetry flows very well. Unfortunately, this style may not be appreciated by all viewers.

The quality of this film simply looks better than most of Perry's previous works. The plot was about nine women who struggle with their own trial and tribulations in a six blocks radius in Harlem. The majority of the women live in the same old building, there path eventually meet during a tragic event.

Performance-wise, everyone was excellent. I feel positive that a few of the high profile actresses should be given an Oscar nomination. I wish the movie would have given a little glimpse of God's promises. These women were going through some stuff. Even though they were given some "worldly" advice and support.

No one told them that-- nothing is too difficult for God to solve. Becoming a follower of Christ does not make us immune to life’s trials and tribulations. God allow us to go through things to remind us: God “works all things together for good” for us (Romans 8:28). That means our issues in life have a divine purpose. It is part of the process of sanctification--being set apart for God’s purposes.

The movie showed how women of different lifestyles are able to come together and bond  through tramatic situations.The world tells us to sit and dwell on the issues of the past. But the bible reminds us that God wants us to break the bondage of our past and not look at your trails and tribulations as a death sentence.

Its your turn let me know:
Do you take the time to be a witness to people you encounter on a daily basis?
Do you take the time to be concern in the life of others?
Or do you need something bad to happen before you take a moment for others?

Let me know how you relate to others in your sphere of influence...