Princesses Come in All Colors

Hi Sisters in Christ,

I just wanted to chat about princesses because everywhere I turn I see lots of press about the latest royal engagement.

A student of mine asked me if there were any African Princesses still living. Prince William and Kate Middleton are whats hot lately, as a result of all the media coverage, you’d think that all princesses were European; however, that is not true at all.

There are real life princesses besides Disney's own Princess Tiana. Many women of color are ending up with real life Prince Charming despite lack of press coverage. William and Kate’s upcoming wedding is not the only monarch love story.

Princess Angela of Liechtenstein (pictured above):  Born in Panama, Princess Angela Gisela Brown married Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein in 2000. This beauty grew up in New York City and attended Parsons School of Design.  As a designer, Princess Angela worked with such icons as Adrienne Vittadini, and started her own label, A. Brown, before marrying Prince Maximilian. The couple has two children, Prince Alfons Constantin and Princess Angela. Princess Angela and her son Prince Alfons are the highest-ranking Black members of a reigning European dynasty.

Princess Keisha Omilana of Nigeria: Hailing from Inglewood, California. This around-the-way-girl turned-royal has the ultimate inspiring story. Known in the industry as, “The Pantene Girl” because she was the first African-American woman featured in three commercials, Princess Keisha heads Wonderful TV with her husband, Prince Kunle Omilan. Along with running Wonderful TV, which boasts a network of stations across Europe, Princess Keisha has modeled for nearly every cosmetics brands.

Countess Mary Von Habsburg of Austria: Although she isn’t a princess, Countess Mary, born in Wau, Sudan, is married to Ferdinand Leopold Joseph Count von Habsburg of Austria. Ferdinand hails from the venerable Von Habsburg royal family, who are descendants of William the Conqueror. Countess Mary and Count Ferdinand exchanged vows in 1999 in Nairobi, Kenya and the couple has three children together. Although some in the royal family took issue with their coupling because the Countess was an African commoner, Dr. Otto von Habsburg, head of the family, declared her an “equal.”

Baroness Cécile de Massy: Born in Guadeloupe, this Caribbean beauty is the highest-ranking Black person in Monaco. The Baroness married Christian Louis, Barron de Massy, and the couple has two children, Brice and Antoine. Baroness Cécile is the president of Ladies Lunch Monte-Carlo, a charitable organization in Monaco.

Queen Charlotte Sophia: Known to many as the first Black Queen of England, Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, was married to King George III. She is the great, great, great grandmother of Queen Elizabeth.

It would be nice if journalist would cover all the royal happenings not just about a few. If you know about other Princesses please let us know.


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